(For October)

Reader’s Favourite Characters from Otome Games:

1. Saitou Hajime; Hakuouki (6240p)
2. Okita Souji; Hakuouki (5801p)
3. Kurusu Syo; Uta no Prince sama (5587p)
4. Kinose Azusa; Starry Sky (4836p)
5. Shiranui Kazuki; Starry Sky (4675p)
6. Ichinose Tokiya;…


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    have to agree with this lol
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    Me and popularity differences again.. I’ll never understand the fuss on Shou, Azusa and Saitou. I like all of them,...
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    YAYA! Azusa is top StaSka character! (definitely has something to do with JunJun being the seiyuu) Okita is second!?! (;...
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    HAJIMEEEEE I’m coming for you, baby!!!
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    SOUJI ♥
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    I kind of wonder why azusa is so popular too! He’s not low on my ranking though more like in the middle I guess but...
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    Sorry I didn’t noticed. OTL My eyes were just on Masa. XD;
  16. tsurayuki said: I still don’t understand why Azusa is the most popular Starry Sky guy <.<
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    mystiqueprudence reblogged your post: Ranking & Reader’s Voice Wait, Ichinose Tokiya, right? …..he’s 6th :|
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    but but none of my favourite characters are on this list /yet to play Hakuouki yet
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    SAITOU BEATS ALL. …but where is Suzuya…
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    \(‘°□°)/ I still wonder why Azusa is so popular! He’s really low on my ranking in starry sky... But Kazama Chikage Made i...
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    SYO’S IN THE TOP THREE i know someone who’s gonna be excited on my dash about this~
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    *sees Souji’s ranking* *is very pleased* I am content. But yes….I wish there were a greater variety up there. There are...
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